Desperate Spirits | Jeanne Vomit-Terror: Empire Waste
Desperate Spirits is a Lexington, Kentucky Record Label with no interest in putting out your albums. We put ourselves out.
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Jeanne Vomit-Terror: Empire Waste



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Empire Waste is the first full-length from the enigmatic avant-garde chanteuse Jeanne Vomit-Terror, co-founder (alongside Ed Sunspot) of the Resonant Hole collective that spawned acts such as Idiot Glee, Street Gnar, The Teenagers Responsible, and Silverware, as well as the cult film What Is a Hole?


Though sparse, Vomit-Terror’s discography is eclectic, encompassing electro-pop (“Mirror School,” which boasts a suitably trashy Robert Beatty music video), Italo disco (“The Seat of Same,” touted by Rub N Tug and Mike Simonetti, remixed by the latter), and industrial noise (The Quixotrix Tapes).


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The eight songs that comprise Empire Waste showcase Vomit-Terror’s fearless weirdness and pop ingenuity. “Jokes Come True” wheels a sleek dystopian Drexciya groove into a joyous, synthetic Gloria Estefan refrain. “Lost in Luxury” juxtaposes a soaring anthemic chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on a Ke$ha b-side with turbulent analog riffage straight out of Devo Hardcore, Vol. 1. She rips black metal guitar solos over minimal house, climaxes a pop epic with the first straight-faced industrial rap since Pretty Hate Machine, and gives Thinking Fellers Union Local 282’s “Tell Me” the “Jellybean” Benitez treatment, all the while cooing, moaning, and growling her Dadaist screeds, exhorting (or else, demanding) the listener to “close the door on reality forever!”


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