Desperate Spirits | ATTEMPT : Personal Fables
Desperate Spirits is a Lexington, Kentucky Record Label with no interest in putting out your albums. We put ourselves out.
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ATTEMPT : Personal Fables




For its inaugural release and your pleasure, we proudly present the challenging offerings of ATTEMPT, a humble and ongoing concern exploring the vocabulary of such master musicians as Zappa or Becker & Fagen mixed with the accessibility of Rundgren. ATTEMPT strives to win your heart, not break it. It demands your neural networks fire on all cylinders, but have a good time doing so.


The singular vision of iconoclastic sound architect Trevor Tremaine, the album is a reflection of the provocative and exploratory spirit emblematic of the band’s live performances.  A tour of the continuous United States is imminent, with exclusive engagements in high profile urban areas for top-tier market penetration. Target demographics include closet alcoholics, the newly unemployed, and libertines.


This is music escaping easy and convenient categorization. It is twisted blue-eyed soul for the hyperaware manic within all of us. It is music that finds the beauty in the marriage between dissonance and resolve; all the while giving you permission to shake a tail feather.


Track Listing:
  1. Personal Best
  2. Life and a Day
  3. The One and Only
  4. Incompetence
  5. “Getting It”
  6. Beyond Cliche´
  7. You Have Lived
  8. The Worst Thing That Could Happen