Desperate Spirits | Jeanne Vomit-Terror
Desperate Spirits is a Lexington, Kentucky Record Label with no interest in putting out your albums. We put ourselves out.
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Jeanne Vomit-Terror

The Quixotrix Tapes, Vol. 1 finds Queen Jeanne unyieldingly tickling her MIDI creatures with a keenly depraved ataraxy.


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The anguished strains thereby achieved bear little resemblance to the orientalist funk of ‘The Seat of Same’ or the jumping-on-the-bed exhortation of ‘Mirror School’ (which materializes here in an ectoplasmic refrain); instead, JVT extemporizes straight to tape a lo-fi industrial symphony that embraces disorder and monotony in its groove architecture, taking aesthetic cues from harsh noise cassettes and Detroit techno sets without employing those genres’ tropes or indeed revering any extant musical orthodoxy. The listener is submerged in the Quixotrix’s stream of consciousness: aleatory raga, paranoid dirge, faux musique concrète, daemonic doxology, all pause button-segued with Dolby NR decidedly ‘off.’ Cultured listeners will find rhymes of Severed Heads, Kangaroo Kourt, Asmus Tietchens, and other premium obscurities. Close the door on reality forever!


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