Desperate Spirits | frigidkitty
Desperate Spirits is a Lexington, Kentucky Record Label with no interest in putting out your albums. We put ourselves out.
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frigidkitty is the solo project of Lexington, Kentucky singer and multi-instrumentalist Kim Conlee. Conlee is a founding member of the long-running pysch-folk ensemble Bear Medicine and also lends her talents as vocalist, keyboardist, and flautist to Big Fresh (appearing on both the Fall Preview and Sweeps EPs), ATTEMPT (appearing on the Against the Light EP), and Jeanne Vomit-Terror (in the guise of Nordic neuromancer Lunette). frigidkitty’s deceptively warm tunes resonate with the plexus of AOR, country, folk, and AM pop interwoven with the spirit of American music, variously recalling the immaculate gospel-pop of Judee Sill and the autumnal strum of pre-Buckingham/Nicks Fleetwood Mac, casting spells against heartbreak and bitterness.


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