Desperate Spirits | Big Fresh
Desperate Spirits is a Lexington, Kentucky Record Label with no interest in putting out your albums. We put ourselves out.
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Big Fresh

Big Fresh, a ten-member art/pop collective from Lexington, Kentucky, has expanded like the universe since 2009’s ambitious home-recorded B.F.F. (Big Fresh Forever, Garden Gate Records); they’ve been joined by new singers and multi-instrumentalists Faith Diamond (Satellite Giant) and Kimberly Conlee (Bear Medicine, Frigidkitty).  Their upcoming EP’s feature guest vocals from Robert Schneider (The Apples in Stereo), Per Sunding (Eggstone), Karen Hover (Sound of Ceres/Candy Claws), and many others. 


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“The gorgeous clatter of a wayward piano and deep soulful horns, `Rumours` is a pure blend of jazzy Pop and movie-Soul drenched in glorious technicolor. Orchestrated bliss, this track smells of an over priced French perfume and drives like a continental sports car, a warming relief for the cold winter months.” -